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Propa ke ni ? Saya Makan Vita-Lea dan Selepas Itu Saya Tak Pernah Jatuh Sakit!

I've been a Shaklee junkie for almost 20 years. The first product I tried, the Vita Lea multivitamin by Shaklee, is a foundation for health like no other. You will be a believer if you add the Vita Lea multivitamin by Shaklee to your health regiment.

Why Shaklee?

Every person asks that question before they commit to using Shaklee products mainly because the products are more expensive than nutritional supplements seen in retail stores. I was wowed by the company's higher standards of quality and testing and the fact that even in 1988 the company had spent well over 100 million dollars just on research. Today that number is about 250 million. Being a little skeptical, I started with just the foundational product for health, the multivitamin called Vita Lea.

The Vita Lea Multivitamin Is In Balance

Shaklee doesn't produce a product unless the ingredients have been tested to be free of herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants. Through the years, I've seen 

Shaklee STOP making products when they couldn't get pure ingredients regardless of the money they would lose. Shaklee also doesn't leave out the expensive ingredients like Biotin and fill up the tablet with vitamins that are cheaper to produce. Shaklee puts in the 23 vitamins and minerals at levels clinically proven to be in balance.
Jom kita baca pengakuan customer Shaklee berikut tentang VITA-LEA!

My Testimony About Vita Lea

A person needs to be disciplined and take the Vita Lea multivitamin regularly before they see results. Vita Lea, by Shaklee, is made to work efficiently when an adult takes 2 tablets daily. I take one in the morning and one before bed, just like clockwork. The people that aren't getting results with the Vita Lea multivitamin aren't taking the product correctly. Also, you must take Vita Lea with food or you will get sick on your stomach. I didn't notice any major change immediately, but after a month I just felt better without being able to put my finger on why. As time went on and people around me were sick and I wasn't, I then realized that the Vita Lea multivitamin was building up my immune system.

I Take Vita Lea and I'm Never Sick

I haven't had a need for a family doctor for at least 10 years or longer. I don't even know what doctor I would go to. If I do get sick with a cold, I don't stay sick as long as other people. I don't take any medications and haven't since I've taken Shaklee products. I contribute this success to not missing a day taking the multivitamin, Vita Lea. I do take several other Shaklee nutritional products in addition to the Vita Lea multivitamin; plus, my lifestyle and regular exercise also contribute to health.

Jika seumur hidup anda belum pernah mencuba suplemen. Cubalah Vitalea Shaklee dan rasai perubahan pada diri anda sepertimana cerita di atas.

Tak cuba maka tak tahu.
Tak kenal maka tak cinta!

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Ready stock ALWAYS available!!